Be Well... and Do Good

At US Corporate Wellness, we are absolutely passionate (some might even say fanatical) about wellness. In fact, we believe strongly that the partnership between our clients, their team members and ourselves can truly impact this country‘s healthcare struggles.

But we also have a core belief we like to refer to as "Be Well... and Do Good."

At the core of this belief is the idea that while the pursuit of wellness is a valuable goal, it is elevated further in that "Being Well" then provides the capacity to reach out and "Do Good" for those less fortunate around us. In order to model that belief, we are committed as a company to give back up to 10% of our final earnings to support those who could use a helping hand.

We realize you each likely have organizations near and dear to your heart that you regularly support. We‘re not, by any means, suggesting you change that pattern. On this page, we‘ll simply highlight a couple of our favorites. If the stories touch your heart, please join us in supporting their efforts. Thank you.

Be Well... and Do Good.


When there’s hope in the future, there truly is a significant power in the present. But sometimes, there isn’t much hope available on which to grasp. And it’s for that reason that US Corporate Wellness started the “Spark of Hope Fund.” We’ve been very fortunate in our own lives, and realize this provides both an opportunity and a responsibility to help those who need a reason to visualize a positive future. This fund will be dedicated to helping providing just that – a spark of hope to those who have very little on which to build that future. Launched in 2009, this will be the primary outlet through which the USCW Team will continue to support the vision of “Be Well… and Do Good.”


Back in the mid-90‘s, Suzanna was volunteering at a local pregnancy center when she was introduced to a young teen who was several months pregnant and had absolutely no support system (no parents and absent father of the soon-to-be child). What took place next changed the lives of both the young woman and the Coopers, as she moved in with them (and their own baby girl) until a few months after the birth of the child. Fast forward 12 years… she‘s now married with four children and as a result of some unexpected issues, returns to the Cooper‘s house to live for 6 months. This is not the appropriate place for details, but we‘re happy to report that she and her family are back on their feet and headed in the right direction. And the three Cooper kids still refer to her as their "big sister."


In June of ‘07, our family had an opportunity to spend a few days in Juarez, Mexico with a team building houses for the families in the area. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, what we saw simultaneously both broke and spurred our hearts. Most families in the area - if they have a home at all - are living in shacks with a roof thrown together with plywood, tires and anything else that will help shade the 110 degree heat and at least slightly deflect the driving rainstorms.

Healthcare is minimal, and we were told that approximately 25% of the babies don‘t survive due in part to lack of food. In fact, parents typically won‘t give their babies names for several weeks or months until it looks like they have a good chance of survival.

One of the families receiving a home had 8 day old (un-named) twins. The new home obviously provided safety from the elements and we were able to provide them with at least a few weeks worth of baby formula. But they‘re certainly not out of the woods. And when they do get their feet under them, there are many others with similar needs. Life-sustaining needs.

It‘s our goal to help in some way. Formula, additional housing supplies, medical supplies. The organization we worked with down there was Missions Ministry. They‘re down to earth people who are truly making a difference - one person at a time. Here‘s their website if you‘d like to find out more about either going down with a team or providing funds for formula, medical or house supplies:

After Suzanna returned from a trip to an orphanage in the Ukraine, we felt a tugging to help the mom‘s and children in at least a small way. She had seen incredibly difficult conditions for the children, including prison-like settings and automatic dismissal with minimal training at the age of 16 (typically leading to prostitution and crime for the majority)

Eventually this lead us down two paths. The first was a major fundraiser along with Janus Charity Challenge and Ironman Arizona to help get the orphanage building started.

Simultaneously, Suzanna worked closely with the MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) organization to help make connections in an effort to help support the moms in the area. Headway is being made, and MOPS‘ international efforts continue to make a difference in new corners of the globe every day. Want to help them out? Here‘s the link: