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Here’s a link that’s worth the 3 minutes:

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“The guy is a rock star” said US Corporate Wellness CEO Brad Cooper after Lance Armstrong caught up to him at mile 22 of the Boston Marathon and they ran most of the rest of the way in together. “The Boston Marathon is already well supported with great fans, but when Lance was there, the crowd just loved it!” said Cooper. “Great experience all around and a great memory.”

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Employee wellness – the phrase is used broadly. It means different things to different people. Unfortunately for too many – it’s come to be associated with the “Health Police.” You know what I mean – someone “checking in” with you to make sure you’ve been “good.” Guilt usually closely associated with this approach. And long term results? Guilt usually does well short term (for some), but long term? Not so much. Then there’s our approach – build a culture. Provide opportunities for those who have never exercised to get started – in their way. Or help folks who would like to start eating better to do just that – in a way that fits their lifestyle, time pressures and more … MORE

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With the high gas prices, bicycles are selling at an all-time pace. Great news, but with more people on bikes, the likelihood of more confrontations between cyclists and automobiles also grows. So who’s at fault for the increased tension between the two camps? Certainly, drivers must be sure to be careful whenever driving on roads with cyclists, as one small error can mean the end to a cyclist’s life, and at the very least a life-changing injury. But as a cyclist, I think WE need to take greater care in holding up our end of the bargain. How many times do you see cyclists riding 3 wide in a road meant for single file? Or flying through a stop sign … MORE