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5/30/2008 | | Share

A combined team of US Corporate Wellness Coaches and Participating Employee Wellness Clients came together for the popular Colfax Marathon Relay. Here’s a great shot of one of the many teams to compete.

5/20/2008 | | Share

US Corporate Wellness, Inc has formed a partnership with USA Triathlon, governing body of one of the fastest growing sports in the country. “We’ve developed a special place in our hearts for triathletes over the years,” said US Corporate Wellness CEO Brad Cooper. “The relationships we’ve developed with Tim Yount and others at USA Triathlon made this a simple transition. And the fact is, that while only a small number of those with whom we work at various employer organizations ever plan to do a triathlon, those who do already get it. USA Triathlon members understand the incredible impact good health and a focus on wellness means to their own productivity, energy levels and overall contribution at work – not … MORE

5/19/2008 | | Share

The US Corporate Wellness Team demonstrated they don’t just talk the talk, but rather also make a habit of walking the walk (or running the run!) by winning the Colfax Marathon Relay. In defending the title they’d earned at the Denver Marathon the previous fall, the team easily won the race by more than 12 minutes over more than 400 teams in the popular event.

5/07/2008 | | Share

What do you think? Core values? Employee Wellness Provider? Do they even matter in producing an ROI for your organization in this key area?? Absolutely. Your wellness provider, unless we’re talking about one of those impersonal, generic wellness programs, is central to the culture of your organization, whispering in the ear of every one of your participating team members. With that said, we thought you might want to take a peek at some of ours (while not a complete list, it’ll give you an idea): Each person is a unique individual, created for a purpose The potential of that purpose is optimized as personal health and wellness improves Every individual, regardless of current state of health, can make further gains … MORE

5/05/2008 | | Share

It’s difficult to open a newspaper without reading something about our politicians – on both sides of the aisle – proposing various ways to “fix our health care system.” One problem – and it’s a major problem – all we’re really talking about with these proposals is determining who’s going to pay for it – not how to actually fix the problem. The problem is that what we traditionally call “health” care isn’t health care at all – it’s SICK care. We’re waiting until individuals are sick or hurt and THEN kick in the system. At that point, the costs are immense, and the only solution remaining is figuring out how to pay for it. On the other hand, if … MORE