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7/31/2008 | | Share

While the research demonstrates consistently that 1-2 small glasses of wine can provide many positive health and wellness benefits, it’s very important to stop there. Consuming more alcohol than recommended by U.S. Dietary Guidelines — more than two drinks a day for men and more than one for women — increases the risk of metabolic syndrome by 60%, researchers here said. Here’s the full article for details:

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This week, you’ll be hitting the same splits, but working harder with each successive interval due to the changing lanes with each successive interval… At the end, you’ll take a longer rest and throw in some serious speed on tired legs. 10 min warm-up 4 min interval – run all of it in the 1st lane of the track 2 min active rest 4 min interval – run all of it in the 2nd lane of the track 2 min active rest 4 min interval – run all of it in the 3rd lane of the track 2 min active rest 4 min interval – run all of it in the 4th lane of the track 2 min active rest … MORE

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While it’s not a surprise, it is good to see that employee or corporate wellness programs are at the top of the list (#2) among the top 7 workplace trends. Here is the article if you’d like to read more…

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Business owners must find ways to prevent costly health-care problems such as heart disease and diabetes now, medical experts said Tuesday. Otherwise, companies are prime targets to lose thousands of dollars in revenue and experience an increased rate of absenteeism among their employees. “As a small-business owner or employee, you can’t control health-care costs,” said Jason Bandermann, business referral services manager at Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau. “But there are ways to control an employee’s exposure to a destructive lifestyle.” Employee Wellness programs are clearly the solution. Here’s the link to the full article

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Doctors are now urging that peers diagnose and treat the condition known as “Pre-Diabetes.” The article, linked below from the USA Today, states “If physicians do not recognize and treat pre-diabetes, diabetes will continue to inflate at great personal health and financial cost,” says Daniel Einhorn, vice president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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Here’s another article featuring the value of a company that realizes there’s a difference between complaining about annual increases in health care, disability, sick time and energy levels and a company that actually does something about it. Kudos!

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Here’s the plan for the coming week. Be SURE to keep jogging between intervals – no walking. On intervals, watch your 400 splits. Goal is to work hard throughout, but to keep consistent splits as you work your way down the interval ladder: 10 min warm-up 8 min interval 4 min active rest 7 min interval 3 min active rest 6 min interval 3 min active rest 5 min interval 2 min active rest 2 min interval 10 min warm-down

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The Washington Post provided the following story that demonstrates clearly that prevention in the form of organized health and wellness programs provides a much higher ROI than simply focusing on treating illnesses: The article stresses that while many people believe Wellness is a long term investment, this study demonstrated clearly that the ROI actually occurs within a very short horizon of time.

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Here’s an interesting study that shows as the population as a whole becomes more overweight, less people are recognizing they themselves have a problem: This is clearly a wake-up call to physicians, legislators and employers (among others) to provide the tools and resources for individuals to understand the extreme health concerns – and associated costs – tied to elevated BMI levels. Interestingly, something as simple as an online BMI calculator – when tied to an organized follow-up mechanism – can help employees and others to realize where they stand and start taking steps in the right direction to correct the situation.

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Very good to see – a strong majority of employers now offer health and wellness incentives to their employees. Here’s the article if you’d like to see details: There are many options when it comes to incentives, and the article mentions a few of them. As part of our development process, US Corporate Wellness will provide you with various options that may be most valuable to your specific organization to produce the best possible long-term outcomes.

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Here’s an interesting study that shows very clearly that between the ages of 9 and 15, the amount of physical activity drops dramatically (an annual decrease of 38 minutes per day!). Here are the details:

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Here’s a story out of Milwaukee that’s similar to many of the programs developed by US Corporate Wellness ( It’s clear in demonstrating that combining wellness programs with reasonable incentives provide a significant pay-off for organizations of all sizes.

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The Denver Business Journal has announced their nominations for Colorado’s “Outstanding Women in Business” Awards. Suzanna Cooper, Chief Operating Officer for US Corporate Wellness, Inc made the cut and was recognized as part of a full page presentation in last week’s issue. While the humble COO greatly prefers to remain out of the limelight, this was quite an honor, as she was nominated alongside an incredible line-up of Colorado leaders.

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Smaller sized snack packages were supposed to help individuals limit their calories. It turns out from this study that the opposite may be occuring.

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Unfortunately no – unless you’re using the TV as a way to sneak in a yoga, Pilates or other beneficial workout in the comfort of your family room. The average person watched 127 hours of television during the month of May, and added almost 30 hrs of non-work internet time to the mix. Here’s the story: And to think – just focusing 10% of this time would do wonders for your health. But then again, most people “don’t have time” to exercise, right?

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Here’s another article highlighting the immense increase in health care costs: Unfortunately, it’s just another discussion about “how to pay” for it, rather than how to start fixing the actual core of the problem. It’s good to see that more and more companies and organizations understand that new payment plans and strategies do nothing regarding the actual problem, but that an effective employee health and wellness strategy actually does. Someday, we’ll see everyone there…

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Major U.S. employers using incentives to promote employer-sponsored health and wellness programs rose from 62 percent to 71 percent between 2007 and 2008, according to a report released by the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and IncentOne Inc. This is the second year the survey was conducted to determine employer adoption of incentives for health and disease management programs, and to assess the nuances of incentives they are using: the types of incentives currently used, the programs they use them for and the amount they are paying. The survey also sought to understand employer expectations for program ROI and challenges employers faced in implementing and operating these programs. The survey found that: There was a … MORE

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This summer, a study came out telling us that the type of plastic (as in water bottles) from which we drink can cause cancer long term if it doesn’t have the right number on the bottom. Instantly, people of all walks of life were turning over their water bottles, avoiding specific ones, and tossing the “wrong” ones aside. Great. It’s fantastic to see people are tuning into the studies and care about their health enough to check something like this. But I can’t help but wonder if we’re missing the point. Are the same people who are so careful about their container just as careful about the food and drink they’re ingesting directly? I’m not talking about taking it to … MORE

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Here’s the link to the article if you’d like to see the details. Not surprisingly, those who keep a regular food diary lost TWICE as much weight as those who don’t over a 6 month period:

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We just returned from a quick little trip up the road to one of our beautiful state’s “tourist traps.” The people watching is incredible. The streets and shops were packed. Of course, the ice cream cones are around every corner – after all, it’s Independence Day! ;- ) But seriously – it’s interesting to just sit back and watch. I’d love to know so much more. You really can’t tell anything just by looking, regardless of what might seem obvious. Each person has a story, a history, and hopefully a goal they’re pursuing. It’s weekends like this that remind me why the model at US Corporate Wellness is so exciting. Instead of the “one size fits all” programs that seem … MORE

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Megan Hottman, wellness coach for US Corporate Wellness, recently rode to victory in the Women’s Pro Criterium in Niwot on July 6th. Great job Megan!!!

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US Corporate Wellness, Inc is pleased to announce having been selected as the preferred employee wellness provider for the Colorado Hospital Association. Please see for additional details about the Colorado Hospital Association, a leader in the health care industry.

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Bike to work day – did you try it? Obviously many reasons (or excuses not to), from meetings to distance to clothing or available showers at work. All legitimate reasons. But just the same – have you really made an effort to make it work? Even if just 1-2 days/week? Distance? How about riding part way and taking the bus the rest of the way (yes – most mass transits allow you hook bike to back/side of bus)? Showers? If not available at work – how about at a nearby recreation center, YMCA or gym? Clothes? If trying this just a couple of days/week, how about bringing clothes in the other days when driving? Again – it won’t work for … MORE