Success Stories

Corporate Wellness client and employees across the country provide many reasons US Corporate Wellness is the industry leader in company and corporate employee wellness solutions and programs...

"Partnering with US Corporate Wellness has been one of the best business decisions we have made!  Our clients appreciate the pro active approach of the wellness program and the value it adds to the worksite for each employee!"
— Sandra Osborn Hill | Partner, Discovery Outsourcing


"The Employee Wellness Program is the best thing we've ever done to improve the overall culture of our organization."
— Kathy Ginsburg | Director of Human Resources, Total Longterm Care


"I heard about US Corporate Wellness from a friend at another company who was telling me about her personal wellness coach.  Right away I knew it was just what our employees needed to improve their health (and a lot more).  And it's really paid off.  Our employees absolutely love it.  The participation in the program has been fantastic, not only in the actual coaching, but with all the other resources and in terms of the cultural changes that have developed around health and wellness.  It's truly making a difference for our organization!"
 — Karen Oxenford, PHR | Director of Human Resources, Panorama Orthopedics and Spine Center


“The US Corporate Wellness team has impressed me with their personalized service and commitment to continually improving the program to better serve the needs of their clients.”
 — Ellen T. McDonald, Ph.D., P.E. | Principal, Alan Plummer Associates, Inc.


"Solid principles, consistency, enthusiasm, and dedication immediately come to mind in describing US Corporate Wellness. Their ability to provide a "One Size Fits One" approach that allows each of our employees to build a personalized wellness strategy around their individual goals is outstanding."
 — Keen Garbiso | Benefits Administrator


"If you're looking for the most personalized and cost effective wellness program in the industry, nothing approaches the value of US Corporate Wellness."

— Kevin Hamilton | Director of Benefits, The Children's Hospital

"Thank you for the support and encouragement that I have received from my Employee Wellness Coach and the program resources. I reached my weight loss goal (finally!) and attribute a huge part of that success to all the tools that have been made available to me. I have been struggling with my overall health for what seems like forever. Now that I have joined the “wellness team” I am seeing results and hitting my goals. Knowing that there are other people on the team with the same goals has been encouraging and beneficial. US Corporate Wellness has been an amazing asset to me personally and I hope that others can enjoy it as much as I have."

— Jamie | Participant

"In our field, we're always looking for projects that result in a significant return on investment. This is a high return on investment! He understands my business. He dove in and gained a comprehensive understanding of our mission and our organization. (The) programs are practical, fun and challenge each participant. He is truly interested in seeing my company thrive!"

— David Schaack | Director

"The wellness program is great! Having a wellness coach to help keep me on track as well as the very informative website is invaluable. Charting and tracking my goals in the fashion is just what I needed to get back into running. Love it!"

— TP | Participant

"I have really benefited from the wellness coaching. It has made me more aware of what I am doing (and) that I need to incorporate more healthful habits- portion control, water drinking, exercise, but in little manageable steps. My Coach has helped me establish and stick to my goals, in a very caring way. She is careful to make me aware that little changes are helpful and are steps to my goal of healthier living. I really enjoy the program and have touted its benefits to others."

— Vianne | Participant

"Brad is an expert. His insights into personal change enable his clients to set meaningful goals AND establish the habits to make things happen!"

— Tim Mueller | Senior Management Consultant

"(This program) has had a tremendous impact on my life, both personally and professionally. I was able to learn a lot about myself. The impact it has had on me is profound. Personally, it has helped to motivate me to achieve the goals I wanted to pursue, but never really did. I am now able to set appropriate goals for myself and I have new outlooks on my life. Overall this experience has provided me with the tools for success in every aspect of my life."

— Amy Ball | Physical Therapist

"Until you encouraged me, I could not run 50 feet without hip and back pain. And, I would have given up several times if you had not provided such achievable goals. Completing a half marathon when I turned 50 years old after not running since high school was pretty dramatic to me!"

— Jeff Cowdry | Healthcare Executive

"I realized this weekend that I'm sitting in the driver's seat and (the) road I travel is up to me. Thank you for opening my eyes and pointing me to the steering wheel."

— Jennifer Neisler | Physical Therapist

"Brad was very generous with his time and expertise in customizing the program to the needs and the unique culture of my organization. He is one of the nicest, most competent and professional consultants I have worked with in the 20 plus years I've been in the business!"

— Therese Kelley | Managing Director

"It was a pleasure working with this organization. His communication and outstanding follow-through made my job easier every step of the way!"

— A. Leatherwood | Manager

"HOW COOL IS THIS! Thank you for starting this program!"

— A. Williams | Program Participant

"The Wellness Program (is) very beneficial. Before the program I was in a "no exercise" rut. This program has made me more focused on my health goals...going to bed earlier, cutting out pop, and starting to exercise. I always feel better thoughout the week if I exercise and now I am back on track. In addition, I have noticed weight loss just through eating better and exercising, without even really trying. My husband is also on board. This program has made my husband and I both have a healthier lifestyles."

— K. Galm | Program Participant

"I wanted to share my great success with the program. I have never been one to cook and since this (wellness) program has begun I have found myself now cooking - successfully - 3 times a week. I have really started craving good home-cooked meals all the time instead of the junk I used to eat on a regular basis. My wellness coach has shown me where to find some really great and quick recipes on our Member's website too."

— M. Marolda | Program Participant

"I started using the Wellness Journal right after I talked to my Wellness Coach for the first time. Tracking my “WellMiles” every week allowed me to see when I was starting to fall back into my old habits; if they were low for a week, it made me want to work just a little harder to get more miles in for the next week. Logging my miles every week made me accountable for the good (and bad!) habits."

— H. Droessler | Program Participant