Employee Wellness Culture vs. Employee Health Police - US Corporate Wellness

Posted 59 Apr 2008   by Admin

Employee wellness – the phrase is used broadly. It means different things to different people. Unfortunately for too many – it’s come to be associated with the “Health Police.”

You know what I mean – someone “checking in” with you to make sure you’ve been “good.” Guilt usually closely associated with this approach. And long term results? Guilt usually does well short term (for some), but long term? Not so much.

Then there’s our approach – build a culture. Provide opportunities for those who have never exercised to get started – in their way. Or help folks who would like to start eating better to do just that – in a way that fits their lifestyle, time pressures and more – while still making progress. And for those who are already working out or even competing in local races? Why ignore them just because they’re not “high risk?”

Not here. We believe in helping to develop an actual CULTURE of wellness in the workplace. So while we love coming alongside those who are just getting started with their health and wellness efforts, we also love assisting those who are already healthy make further improvements!

So what do you think is more effective over the long haul? Employee Wellness Culture? or the Employee Health Police? I think you know… ;- )