Bike to Work Day Thoughts - US Corporate Wellness

Posted 37 Jul 2008   by Admin

Bike to work day – did you try it? Obviously many reasons (or excuses not to), from meetings to distance to clothing or available showers at work. All legitimate reasons.

But just the same – have you really made an effort to make it work? Even if just 1-2 days/week?

Distance? How about riding part way and taking the bus the rest of the way (yes – most mass transits allow you hook bike to back/side of bus)?

Showers? If not available at work – how about at a nearby recreation center, YMCA or gym?

Clothes? If trying this just a couple of days/week, how about bringing clothes in the other days when driving?

Again – it won’t work for everyone. There are legitimate reasons. But with the price of gas and poor health being at an all-time high, is this a good time to make a solid effort?