Serious Steady State Workout for Runners (or Cyclists)
5/25/2009 | | Share

Here’s a brief run-down on a workout the Masters team does 2+ times/month to mimic racing intensity and prep for a top-end performance on race day from 10K – half marathon distances. To do this workout effectively, you’ll want to select a course that relatively flat or rolling hills. If rolling hills, choose a direction that will make the “return” trip more difficult than the “out” trip.

Peer interaction is incredibly effective with this workout. If possible, perform this workout with a group of runners. They do NOT need to be running a similar pace. Rather, everyone starts together, turns around at an exact pre-planned time (ie, 30 minutes) and then finish together, with the faster runners trying to “catch” the others and the slower runners trying to hold off the rest of the group.

There are few workouts that will more effectively prepare you for the big day than this one:

  • 10 min warm-up
  • Select an exact turn-around time based on the course. If considerably more difficult on the return trip, you’ll select 28-29 minutes before turning around. If relatively even, go with 30 minutes as the turn-around time.
  • Everyone start together, but running at their own (generally half marathon) pace
  • Turn around at the predetermined TIME (not distance)
  • If done perfectly and everyone has an equal performance, the entire group will finish together.
  • If you have a GPS available to track pace/mile, be sure to record your average round-trip pace in your journal for future reference (and motivation).

See you out there!

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