After Suzanna returned from a trip to an orphanage in the Ukraine, we felt a tugging to help the mom‘s and children in at least a small way. She had seen incredibly difficult conditions for the children, including prison-like settings and automatic dismissal with minimal training at the age of 16 (typically leading to prostitution and crime for the majority)

Eventually this lead us down two paths. The first was a major fundraiser along with Janus Charity Challenge and Ironman Arizona to help get the orphanage building started.

Simultaneously, Suzanna worked closely with the MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) organization to help make connections in an effort to help support the moms in the area. Headway is being made, and MOPS‘ international efforts continue to make a difference in new corners of the globe every day. Want to help them out? Here‘s the link: www.mops.org/