In June of ‘07, our family had an opportunity to spend a few days in Juarez, Mexico with a team building houses for the families in the area. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, what we saw simultaneously both broke and spurred our hearts. Most families in the area – if they have a home at all – are living in shacks with a roof thrown together with plywood, tires and anything else that will help shade the 110 degree heat and at least slightly deflect the driving rainstorms.

Healthcare is minimal, and we were told that approximately 25% of the babies don‘t survive due in part to lack of food. In fact, parents typically won‘t give their babies names for several weeks or months until it looks like they have a good chance of survival.

One of the families receiving a home had 8 day old (un-named) twins. The new home obviously provided safety from the elements and we were able to provide them with at least a few weeks worth of baby formula. But they‘re certainly not out of the woods. And when they do get their feet under them, there are many others with similar needs. Life-sustaining needs.

It‘s our goal to help in some way. Formula, additional housing supplies, medical supplies. The organization we worked with down there was Missions Ministry. They‘re down to earth people who are truly making a difference – one person at a time. Here‘s their website if you‘d like to find out more about either going down with a team or providing funds for formula, medical or house supplies: www.missionsministries.com/