US Corporate Wellness COO Nominated for Colorado “Outstanding Women in Business” Award

Posted July 15, 2008 by Admin

The Denver Business Journal has announced their nominations for Colorado’s “Outstanding Women in Business” Awards. Suzanna Cooper, Chief Operating Officer for...

Do Mini-Snacks Help Employee Health and Wellness?

Posted July 15, 2008 by Admin

Smaller sized snack packages were supposed to help individuals limit their calories. It turns out from this study that the opposite...

Is TV an Employee Health and Wellness Event?

Posted July 14, 2008 by Admin

Unfortunately no – unless you’re using the TV as a way to sneak in a yoga, Pilates or other beneficial workout...

State Health Care Costs Climb – Where’s the Wellness?

Posted July 14, 2008 by Admin

Here’s another article highlighting the immense increase in health care costs: http://www.theolympian.com/stateworkers/story/506158.html Unfortunately, it’s just another discussion about “how to pay”...