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Daryl Walker

Following a long and successful career with a Fortune 100 corporation, Daryl understands the challenges of balancing career, family, friends and volunteer work while maintaining a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As a certified wellness coach and life coach, Daryl believes you do not need to do it “perfectly” and provides a safe and supportive environment to learn and practice while taking realistic, incremental steps towards your health and wellness goals. Facing life-long challenges with weight, Daryl has been able to “walk the talk” maintaining a 50 pound weight loss, with healthy eating, daily meditation and consistent exercise over the past 10 years.

A long-time resident of San Francisco CA, Daryl loves to travel, dance, hike, take long walks on the beach and exercise at the gym. Daryl looks forward to supporting, encouraging and celebrating with his clients as we each strive to be our best self, make a difference and live happier and healthier lives!