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Sally Lanning

Sally completed graduate coursework in Exercise Physiology at The University of Toledo in Ohio. She used her education to pursue a career in a corporate health and wellness role. She realized her passion truly lies in talking one on one about personal health goals with others so she began learning more about coaching, and now has incorporated health coaching as her primary career aspiration.

Sally lives what she coaches, yet still realizes the struggle to balance the demands of a healthy lifestyle, work, family and friends. She believes that true health is multi-faceted, and is not just about eating the right foods or going to the gym, but rather combining these with all areas of wellness, such as sleep and stress management. She also values knowledge as power, motivating her not only to do the work of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also understand why it is important and share this with her clients.

Sally lives in Ohio and enjoys being outdoors doing many things, whether it is going for an early morning run, hiking with her family, or her new found love of practicing yoga. A personal goal of Sally’s is to pass on her love of fitness, health, and the outdoors to her two young children.