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Suzanne Brown

Suzanne is a Registered Dietitian and an American College of Sports Medicine certified Health Fitness Specialist. With degrees in Human Biology and Clinical Nutrition, she has spent over 13 years motivating clients to gain control of their own bodies. She combines traditional nutrition science with progressive approaches to weight management, fitness, and disease prevention. Suzanne has worked extensively with individual clients, groups, and corporations; and has appeared on both television and radio.

Every day she balances family, work, and taking care of her own needs by indulging in healthy foods, daily exercise, and positive thinking. She and her husband savor every free moment with their daughter and son by exploring the sunny Colorado mountain playground where they live. If they are not galloping their horses across quiet meadows, they are hiking, camping, snowshoeing, or cooking up delicious and healthy foods together. As your wellness coach, Suzanne wants to help you find your own balance so you can live the healthier and fuller life you’ve always wanted!arriage class, among other related aspects.