Your Employee Wellness Solution
for Creating Meaningful Change

Is your organization looking for a fresh start or a solution
to enhance your current wellness strategy?


Employee Wellness

It doesn’t have to be complicated. By integrating these three components into your strategy, we help you to maximize your return (outcomes) while minimizing your investment (of time and resources).


  • Personalized, relationship-based and comprehensive wellness coaching
  • Confidentiality (both perceived and in reality) inherent in a truly separate partner
  • Team Challenges
  • Comprehensive Web Portal
  • Newsletter customized to your organization
  • Personal Wellness Journal
  • Variety of tracking and goal creation tools


  • Biometric Screenings
  • HRA+ adds value to the traditional Health Risk Assessment
  • Annual Check-up Questions
  • Go beyond “participation” to “engagement”
  • 24/7 administrative access to reports


  • One size fits ONE approach to each and every team member
  • Participants treated as unique individuals, not robots
  • Focus on helping make each employee’s “tomorrow” better than their “today” (regardless of starting point)
  • Personalized discussions to move the dial in the REAL world for the participant
  • Positive impact on culture of the organization