Core Values in an Employee Wellness Company? - US Corporate Wellness

Posted 31 May 2008   by Admin

What do you think? Core values? Employee Wellness Provider? Do they even matter in producing an ROI for your organization in this key area??

Absolutely. Your wellness provider, unless we’re talking about one of those impersonal, generic wellness programs, is central to the culture of your organization, whispering in the ear of every one of your participating team members.

With that said, we thought you might want to take a peek at some of ours (while not a complete list, it’ll give you an idea):

  • Each person is a unique individual, created for a purpose
  • The potential of that purpose is optimized as personal health and wellness improves
  • Every individual, regardless of current state of health, can make further gains
  • Motivation comes from within, but with proper care, can be developed and produce fruit
  • Improved health and wellness will be manifested in work, play and life

Too soft and fluffy for your liking? That’s ok – just click on over to our White Paper on the ROI of Employee Wellness do get all the hard numbers you could ever want: https://www.uscorporatewellness.com/white-papers/