US Corporate Wellness, Inc Partners with USA Triathlon - US Corporate Wellness

Posted 33 May 2008   by Admin

US Corporate Wellness, Inc has formed a partnership with USA Triathlon, governing body of one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

“We’ve developed a special place in our hearts for triathletes over the years,” said US Corporate Wellness CEO Brad Cooper. “The relationships we’ve developed with Tim Yount and others at USA Triathlon made this a simple transition. And the fact is, that while only a small number of those with whom we work at various employer organizations ever plan to do a triathlon, those who do already get it. USA Triathlon members understand the incredible impact good health and a focus on wellness means to their own productivity, energy levels and overall contribution at work – not to mention decreased health care costs. All of these things together made a partnership with USA Triathlon a natural.”